Computer is randomly restarting. Problem with ax760i?

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I purchased an ax760i for a new build. After a couple weeks of use the computer started to randomly power down. That PSU was eventually replaced with another ax760i. Everything was working great until today.
My computer has randomly rebooted itself 3 times now today. There is no blue screen or error codes. I just hear the power supply click off and then a second or two later the computer starts back up. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with system load. The first two times I was playing a game but the third time I was just reading some info on a webpage.
One thing I noticed is that all 3 times the computer rebooted, I had the ax760i fan set to default mode in corsair link (I usually set the fan to a manual % when I start the computer because the constant ramping up and down of the fan when set to default drives me nuts). Is it possible that a temp sensor in the PSU is faulty? If the PSU overheats does it reboot to protect itself?

Please help.

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